It is no exaggeration to say that R.A. Industries, LLC’s components function in the most demanding environments on, and off earth. We are a trusted key supplier on The International Space Station, and have built numerous components on a variety of satellite and civil aviation projects. Our network of suppliers allows us to incorporate virtually any specialized process into our production line, and facilitates our commitment to a full-service product completion experience.

R.A. Industries, LLC specializes in completing the projects that are too difficult for other manufacturing companies. We have the capabilities and experience to produce complex aerospace assemblies and components, including titanium airframe and power plant. Our in house Electro-Mechanical Assembly Department includes a Class 100,000 cleanroom to augment our fabrication facilities, allowing for the direct integration of electronic and hydraulic components into our clients’ assemblies.

Our processes are held to the highest quality standards, and our quality system has been certified under the internationally recognized AS9100 aerospace quality standard, as well as ISO 9001.