About Us

R.A. Industries, LLC is a Limited Liability Company founded in Santa Ana, California in 1976 for the purpose of manufacturing complex precision products for selected industries. The management and employees have decades of experience in the Energy, Defense, Aerospace, Health and Fitness, and Commercial sectors of the economy, and have built relationships with hundreds of specialized vendors, allowing for a full service product completion experience. The company’s 70,000 square foot campus incorporates: an onsite manufacturing area; electro-mechanical assembly area including a Class 100,000 cleanroom; engineering, testing, and quality assurance; a component and assembly warehouse; as well as administrative offices and the company boardroom. The company is certified under the internationally recognized AS9100 REV C quality standard and commercially markets its products under the partner organization Markall, Incorporated.

As the manufacturing sector has modernized, RA Industries, LLC has kept pace. The company has embraced Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) techniques incorporating Computer Aided Design (CAD) workstations and Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathes and mills. Supply chain and customer relations were streamlined using Turnkey Manufacturing Methods (TMM), the “Dock to Stock” program, and more recently the Supplier Self Release (SSR) programs being implemented in the Oil Tools industry. These tools and programs aim to provide the highest quality products possible while minimizing costs to the customers wherever possible.

The company has been manufacturing products and components for a variety of industries, priding itself on doing the jobs others find too difficult.

Highlighted products include:

  • Exploration and extraction equipment for the oil and gas industries

  • Turbine components for the nuclear energy industry

  • Titanium components for Military and Commercial aircraft, including Airframe and Power plant

  • Missile, Satellite, and International Space Station (ISS) components

  • Exercise and training equipment for Olympic athletes and the National Football League (NFL) as well as NASA Astronauts.

  • Aftermarket Automotive products, including superchargers for Mercedes Benz

The company’s president, Robert Follman, has been a leading supporter of a variety of philanthropic organizations and insists his company be run ethically and sustainably. To this end, RA Industries, LLC has adopted a strict Professional Code of Conduct and a Conflict Minerals Policy to ensure it procures materials from ethically sound sources. The company also supports charitable giving to a multitude of local organizations, and promotes the hiring of veterans.